Providing mission-critical support for customers deploying complex and enterprise-sized solutions is part of our Signature Care service. We provide:

  • Full access to all premium features
  • Lifetime warranty for digital signage devices
  • "Tech Refresh" provides free device replacement for 36 months
  • Training on Professional Development | 2 x 1-hour slots in Spanish, multilingual
  • Access to remote problem-solving tools
  • Availability of online and telephone assistance 24 hours a day
  • with advanced replacement rights and cross-ship privileges
  • Firmware upgrades and updates on a priority basis
  • Reduced rates for Custom Services
  • Three-hour response time guarantee
  • 1,000+ templates designed by professionals

What is Tech Refresh?

  • Every 36 months, we replace and upgrade every player free of charge!!
  • Players are replaced with the latest technology.
  • A 36-month warranty backs every replacement.
  • Furthermore, we will replace or refund any defective digital signage player. In case there is no chance of fixing them, they will be replaced.

What is Lifetime Warranty?

If a signage player is deemed to have a manufacturing or technical defect, we can repair/replace/refund the player.

So long as Signature Care support is provided, the product has a lifetime warranty.