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When the best of two worlds meet, the partnership can move mountains. ACW is proud and elated to partner with Securens one of the leading e-surveillance providers in India. ACW is sworn to excellence and is always on the lookout for the best of products and services that could be brought on board. We strive hard and scout for potential service providers to add great value to our service delivery. This partnership aims to make life easier and stress-free for our customers. When the best in the business decide to work together, better things are made.
... Securens is a leading e-surveillance provider that ensures the utmost safety and security of properties by means of high-end technology. Securens uses Active Deterrence technology that is built on Human Detection Video Analytics to monitor and detect intrusions round the clock. This technology quickly acts on the intruder using Video Verification, Lights and Sound. This robust technology prevents the occurrence of crimes on a real-time basis. The success of Securens stands tall with almost 100% success rate in all monitoring spots.

Our success has been
due to 5 key factors

Our services are acknowledged by seniors and experts in the industry all across the country
We have a proven track record of cent percent deterrence to the crimes attempted under our surveillance.
Our work has been awarded the top honors in the industry and beyond
New-gen surveillance monitoring software that works like an eagle’s eye
Save a lot on the security costs incurred by your assets.

Why Securens?

We are one of the most successful e-surveillance solution providers with an almost 99% detection and deterrence rate.
We have grown leaps and bounds in a short span of time. Our client experiences stand a testimony to our unmatched service delivery and deterrence.
Multiple Properties. One Solution. Keep an eye on all your assets with Securens
Delivering top-quality e-Surveillance services above and beyond the industry standards.
Custom mobile app for e-Surveillance to monitor, analyze and enhance the protection and security of your properties.

Why entrusting the safety & security of your property to field experts essential?

As experts in the field, we set up a Central Alarm Monitoring Center that links your surveillance equipment with essential devices like Alarm panels and CCTVs.

We detect crimes and just not that. We deter crimes before they can be committed. The Active Deterrence Model of Securens deters the intruders instantly using video verification, lights, and sound as programmed.

Our ACTIVE DETERENCE model has a cent percent success rate in detection detecting of crime and its deterrence.

Why is professional e-Surveillance is a game changer?

e-Surveillance is one of the greatest inventions of our time. It saves us ample time and energy while ensuring 100% safety and security of our assets. Securens are the industry leaders in providing exceptional e-Surveillance for your properties. We are the pioneers in introducing artificial intelligence for the surveillance of assets, detection, and deterrence of crimes on a real-time basis. Get us on board to make your property 100% safe and secure for your customers.

Over the years we have mastered the skill of monitoring and surveillance. Securens delivers world-class security services to our customers to keep their properties intact.

With Securens, forget to worrying about the security of your property and the safety of your customers and assets in it. Gain freedom from the chains of manual monitoring.

Our customers trust us 100%

The big names in the industry trust us with the safety and security of their properties. From big brands to small businesses, we’ve earned the most valuable trust from all our stakeholders.

The professional monitoring center has a fine tuned process for monitoring that is built on experience of monitoring large number of units for many years.

The precision and accuracy with which e-Surveillance is monitored by Securens have enabled us to work with and for the big names in the industry.

Secure your property with one of the best surveillance models built on the planet. Witness increased ROI and save a huge cut on security costs.

BSFI Branches
Gold Loan & Currency Chest Branches
Delivery Centers
Restaurants & QSRs
Retail Outlets
Commercial Buildings and Malls

The world has recognized us as the best in the business. Securens is now a National & International Award-Winning Monitoring Center

Incidents detected and Deterred
Detection & Deterrence rate

Our expertise has been rewarded & awarded Control Room of the Year at Secona Shield Awards

Secure your property with Securens
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